Certify document 

We do not accept documents by post for authentication purposes. Documents must be submitted through the Consular Counter at the Embassy.
The original copy must be submitted.
The type of document(s) to be certified must be specified, e.g. official contract, private contract, certificate, power of attorney etc.
→ All documents must be attested by the Malaysian Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Kuwaiti Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

1. To authenticate Kuwaiti documents for use in Malaysia: The document must include attestation from the Kuwaiti Ministry of Foreign Affairs. (Sample↓)

2. To authenticate Documents issued in Malaysia for use in Kuwait:
All document must be certified by Ministry of Foreign Affairs Malaysia (Mofa) before submit to The Embassy. (Sample↓) 
Examples of document types:

  • Commercial certificates: certificates of origin, commercial invoices, Packing lists, health certificates, product samples Free sales, Commercial agencies, companies profiles.
  • Academic certificates: graduation certificates, and Study enrollment certificate (issued by educational authorities).
  • Medical certificates: health examination (healthy fit to work), sickness certificates.
  • Personal certificates: marriage, divorce, birth, and death certificates.
  • Power of attorney: (see here)

→ Time required: 2 working days
→ Endorsement fees : (per page / per stamp)
    1- RM 300 : Certificate of origin
    2- RM 200 : Commercial invoice
    3- RM 300 : Packing list
   4- RM 100 : Others